We are keen to ensure that your visit to the Battle Proms Concert at Ragley Hall goes as smoothly as possible, so we would like to offer the following useful advice and information.

Getting to the Concert
The concert is clearly signposted from all major routes into Alcester, Warwickshire. Please use postcode B49 5NJ for Sat Navs then look out for temporary yellow event signage as you approach the venue.

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  • Plenty of free parking is provided on site, including disabled parking. Car parks are open from 2pm, with gates opening to the concert arena at 4pm.
  • Traffic coming along the A422 from Worcester and the A441 from Redditch will be directed to the South Entrance off the B4088 and will leave via the same entrance. Cars in this car park will be advised to turn right out of the estate at the end of the concert to avoid traffic build-up.
  • Traffic coming from all other directions will be directed to the North Entrance which is the main visitor entrance to Ragley Hall.
  • Upon parking, please make a note of your row number and the direction of the exit.
  • With several thousand concert-goers in attendance, traffic will inevitably be heavy on entry and exit. 
    Please be assured that stewards and organisers will be working to keep traffic flowing as efficiently and safely as possible at all times, even if they are not immediately visible in your area of the car park. The target rate is 800 cars per hour per exit, and it can take up to 90 minutes to exit the car park. Your patience and co-operation are greatly appreciated.
  • In order to relieve congestion, we would advise visitors not to rush back to their cars at the end of the concert. 
  • Please advise Taxis (and any other vehicles making a drop-off or pick-up) to follow the Taxi signage. They will need to be back on site for pick-up by 9.45pm. Detailed taxi information can be found here
  • Please note that there is NO pedestrian access into or out of the estate for the concert. Concert-goers must enter and exit by vehicle only.
  • No overnight parking.


Ticket verificationTix For Email Ragley

  • Please ensure that you have printed all your tickets.
  • In order to be verified by the scanners, the square barcode in the top left hand corner of your ticket must be a clear printout with crisp edges (as pictured). A faded or imperfect printout will result in delay at the gates. 
  • Please keep your tickets dry. 
  • For efficient entry on the day, as you approach the ticket entrance please ensure that each individual in your party presents their own ticket with the square barcode clearly visible to the entry steward.
  • If you have booked via a gift experience voucher, you should have received print-at-home e-tickets (like the ones pictured here) via email directly from Battle Proms Concerts. If you have not received your e-tickets please contact us as soon as possible.






Security InformationEDD For Email

Whilst the Battle Proms Concert is considered a low risk event, your wellbeing and safety is paramount to us, especially in light of recent events. With this in mind we would like to make visitors aware of the following security measures which will be in place on the day:

  • A canine search team will be working along the queues and within the auditorium. When you see the dogs at work please do not distract them, but if you wish to say hello please ask the handler!
  • Door supervisors will carry out targeted bag searches and customer checks, including searches using pat-downs and metal detection wands.
  • Please consider pre-preparing your picnic as far as possible in order to limit the amount of equipment you need to bring with you on the day. Knives permitted on site will be limited to domestic knives 5 inches or under and folding knifes with a 3 inch blade or under.
  • Whilst we are keen to maximise visitor safety, we will endeavour to ensure that these measures do not impact on your enjoyment of the day or detract from the celebratory atmosphere that Battle Prommers have enjoyed for the last 20 years! Your assistance and co-operation are greatly appreciated.




If you experience any issues at the concert please make a member of Battle Proms staff aware at the ‘Enquiries’ desk at the main Box Office. 

We look forward to seeing you there for a spectacular night of music, fireworks, cannons and cavalry!


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